Bloodfin 4th Anniversary Content Release: Death Watch Bunker Revamp

DWB has gotten a facelift! You can once again experience this iconic dungeon in all its glory but with a little of that bloodfin flare. The mechanics have remained the same in every aspect from gaining access to the bunker, to getting down to the crafting rooms and gaining entry. However you will notice existing bosses have been updated. They will be more difficult to kill but you will be rewarded for your efforts.

You will also notice 3 brand new bosses in the three crafting rooms complete with individual loot tables. What this means for you:

-Plan ahead! When you finish the bunker you will have to chose one of the three crafting rooms to enter. Same rules still apply for entry to each crafting room.
-once you open the door, get to work. You will have an allotted time of 10 minutes to defeat the new enemy.
-when your 10 minutes is up, you will be transported back to the surface.
-don't fret, you will be warned 30 seconds before you are ejected
-and yes, jet packs are still craftable when in the proper room.

Other Notes:

-Village Phase 3 - Captain Sarguillo Quest Turn In is fixed
-Faction Requirements on Marine Backpacks have been corrected.
-Certifications for 1h 5th Generation Lightsabers have been fixed.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you.
-Bloodfin Development team.