July Bloodfin Statement as always we thank you for your donation =}

$780 Main server
$360 Cloud backup server which connects directly to the main server
$187 forum/launcher/registration portal
$28 ventrilo
$24.95 mantis (where bugs, issues are reported by staff for Dev's)
$32 github (where the code is sent and pushed to server)
$49.99 status server/storage

Grand total = $ 1461.91

July paypal total $ 1512.81

Positive $ 50.90 from July
Positive $ 494.57 from May

Grand total $ 2007.38

Overage of $ 545.47
2 unknown $ 50
bringing final grand total overage to $ 645.47

** 2 unknown donations remain for July each $50 so totalling $100. These have NOT been added to the amounts above because they have not been confirmed. A post was made about this before the end of the month to try and get it resolved by then, no one has stepped forward as of yet. So once they become confirmed They WIll be added to the list above, however they ARE included in the overage amount.
there are still 2 unknown donations of $50 each that have NOT yet contacted me. I did make a post on July 24th in regards to these donations. No emails that I have or the names match, so please check to see if your donation for the said amount was confirmed via the website, if NOT please contact me **

Tony and I want to thank you for your continued support of Bloodfin. We love being able to do what we do everyday for all of you. You guys and gals are why we bring do what we do for you. Bloodfin has the best community. We thank you all.