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    ZEN is recruiting

    Hello Bloodfin!

    Would you like to game drama free? Ascension <ZEN> is a multi-factional guild that accepts rebels, imperials and neutrals. Our guild is more about friendship than war. We have cities on Talus, Naboo, Corellia, and Dantooine and our members are encouraged to enjoy the facets of the game that appeal to them most. Our only true requirement is that you respect your fellow gamers. Contact me on 'Vina in game or send me a message here on the forums if you are looking for this type of gaming experience and would like to join our ranks!

    Happy Hunting!

    'Vina Novia - Guild leader

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    Id like to join, after the Wipe
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    Me Too, I'll send an e-mail once in game...
    Baldy - Master Arch
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    Lopio - Master Ranger
    Kemma - Master Creature Handler
    Just a few others....

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