Patch Notes 5 -13- 2017

Restart launchers for this one folks

- Tre Work
- added command for Interns
- adjusted timers for new dungeon on bosses
- new Dungeon finalized

- new Dungeon finalized

-New craftable back packs and loot schem
-New container belt
-New wings
-New craftable weapons and loot schems
-New craftable bh weapons and schems
-New jewelry loot
-New damage crystal
-New Jedi outfit with stats
-New loot groups
-Updated gorvo rancor (axkva) to proper model
-New black wing mutated rancor wild spawns w/ babies
-Added 5 block and dodge to gcw commander master box to account for the existing 5 to counter attack
-added buck of weapon models for future use
- tre work

- fixed Armoured Dewback mount
- added Blackwing Mutated Rancor Pet
- added new Ranger Camokits for: Mustafar, Kaas, Jakku, Kashyyyk, Hoth (disabled for now, work in progress)
- disabled Pet Radial Menu options befriend & Guard so they cannot be selected
- Tre Work