Recently, we have noticed that the dungeons and instances are being left with a lot of clutter and unkilled mobs roaming about. When these areas are left in such disarray by one group, it makes the instance incredibly difficult for the following group to complete it.

Now, in some cases, a group will come into an instance and get overwhelmed and wipe and not complete the instance. That’s going to happen from time to time and it’s expected that there may be some clutter left behind. The problem arises when a group or an individual enters an instance, scrambles to the boss, kills it and leaves all of the adds laying around. (i.e. a player goes to the ISD instance, runs straight to Krix Swiftshadow and kills him and then leaves). The additional mobs left behind increase the difficulty level of the instance for the next player or group of players and that’s not fair play. Since many of the boss encounters in these instances have despawn timers on them, a group has to spend more time clearing out the leftover mobs from the previous group and in turn they’re not getting the same amount of time to spend attacking and defeating the bosses as other groups… and that’s not fair. In too many cases lately, there are so many mobs left behind in an instance that the Staff is having to come in and “clean up” before another group of players can complete the session the way it was designed to be played.

Again, we’ve all been to that instance that got the best of us and we left a mess behind .. it happens it’s a part of the game. But intentionally leaving a crushing mess of mobs behind because you ran to a boss, or dragged the boss away from it’s spawn point to avoid the adds several times is not fair to the players that will come in behind you. It’s great that you are able to take down the bosses – but it’s your responsibility to clean up the adds that come with him each time before you leave the instance.

Do not intentionally drag mobs onto AFK players in dungeons / instances / outdoor bosses.

The staff is going to begin more enforcement of this policy and keeping track of the offenders with the following tiered consequences:
1st & 2nd Offenses – Player/Group Warning
3rd & 4th Offense – Player/Group Warning and Player(s) will be ported back to the instance to clean up the mess.
5th & 6th Offense – 12 Hour Character Suspension
7th & 8th Offense – 18 Hour Character Suspension
9th Offense – 24 Hour Character Suspension
10th Offense – 24 Hour Account Ban

***All offenses beyond the 10th infraction will be handled by the Dev Team and should be expected to be harsh.***

This policy is not meant as a punishment, it is being enforced to encourage players to be courteous gamers and to help create an environment of fair play for everyone.
If players encounter another player or group leaving a clutter of mobs that affects their ability to play an instance or dungeon – they should take screenshot of the offenders and forward it to BloodfinGMRose@hotmail.com. If the CSR/GM/DEVs find this happening, they will also be forwarding screenshots and issuing warnings to the offenders.
So please, be courteous, be respectful. Play nice and FIGHT HARD! WE ARE BLOODFIN!!!