Sorry for the lack of patch notes from the past week. Here they all are..

Patch Notes

Friday March 10
-Added Rebel Battle armor schematics
-Added Rebel Battle Armor scemetics to the factional rebel armor vendor in cnet
-Added additional First Brigade patrols around the outskirts of restuss
-Upped Drop rate of "Roses Pie" on first brigade, Garyn, and Gundark npcs in restuss (pies used as currency to purchase crusader armor schematics from restuss vendor)
-Removed faction restrictions from crusader mk2 and mk3 armor pieces
-Replaced Crism Silictistic Ore with Kitrium Inteusive Ore on Proton Grenades and Thermal Detonators

Sat March 11
- Jedi Force Armor Bleed Through fix
- Restuss Imp Turrets Adjusted

Sun March 12
Dros (Guppy, Nexxus)
- Finalized Bleedthrough
- Rebel Base Tweak nade proff

Tue March 14
Dros (nexxus)
- Force Armor Hot Fix

-Droid update work

Thurs March 16
- Transpilot Droid additions/fixes

- faction check fix on infiltrator armor

-PvP Arena

-defender tree updated for fourth tier and master boxes. Un learn an relearn a box to update stats

Quest System API Goes Live Testing!
-Players can begin testing on thier own.
-Quests get a seriously needed upgrade.
-Quest updates & notifications mid-quest.
-Group and solo updates for quests.
-Ground-Work for advanced gm controls.

Mustafar Legacy Goes Live!
-You may now start the first portion of the questline.
-New challenges, surprises & mechanics
-New quest-types
-New rewards
-New creatures
-Much Much more to come.

New Helper Npc's!
-New Npc's that will assist players to learn about Bloodfin EMU and our treasures.
-New Player Crafting NPC in Coronet next to the artisan trainer.
-Several more helper Npc's coming soon.
-Senate helper Npc's coming soon.
-Planet guide Helpers coming soon.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
-Celebrate with us in Mos Eisley, Restuss, Coronet, or Theed.
-New Npc! He is a quick one tho, better get his gold before he is gone!
-Many random spawns and limited rewards, good hunting folks!