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    no generic crafting tool or survey tools on hutt artisan on creation

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    I was using a structure factory to manufacture (60) Generator Turbines. Put in the proper amount for all 60, and activated the factory. It made a crate containing (6). The weird thing is, it consumed all of the ingredients except the necessary copper, which it didn't use at all - it was all there untouched.

    I think you guys are doing a great job though! Keep up the good work!


    * Update *

    I can reliably manufacture six crates at a time, I'll attempt a greater quantity as resources allow.

    * Update 2 *

    After manufacturing qty 10, I believe the issue stems from using split ingredients in the input hopper.
    Since the schematic called for 6 total ingredients, and I used only 6 "slots" it seems to be functioning fine.
    Live & learn!

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    I am currently stuck between two buildings in Coronet. Have no clue how I got in there but all I can do is run between them from corner to corner of the buildings. Any ideas?

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