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New guy here

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Thread: New guy here

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    New guy here

    Hows things going over here I have been hearing about things over here and I am thinking about giving it a try. I have been playing EMU but here is what happened to me.

    Hey guys I have been playing EMU for a while and just got banned. The reason is because after many tries to log into the forum and resetting my password it still did not work so I made a new account on the FORUM. I NEVER made a toon or even logged into the game with it. I sent in a ticket and the replied but still have not unbanned me.

    Whats different on here and where is a good place for a noob to start out here?

    I was Ikeago back in the live days.

    Also any mods do you take Bitcoin or have you guys thought about it? I would be your first contributor.

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    well they have the nge houses here that you can loot they have the planets Dromund Kaas, Hoth, Kashyyk, they are not the same as on live but there are things to loot there and bosses to fight, they have jedi, working Creature handler, commando. They have atmospheric flight in it's base stages no combat yet but you can fly a fighter, uhm ya there is a lot to offer here I think you will like it I played on emu too tried several different servers before coming here have been here 2 years now. Welcome to bloodfin emu man

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