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    Best/fastest way to get the 4 pts is grinding/crafting. 4 lairs of sharnaffs give you enough xp to get your 5 million. Best spec I've found after 3 unlocks is msword/tkm and Nov rifles. Buy a razor knuckler and a berserker rifle. Hit each mob for about 4 or 5 times with rifle and then burn them with razor knuckler. 63000 of both xp per mob. Rinse and repeat.

    Drop rifles after you get your xp. You will need about 8k metal and 8k fiberplast and 500 hides for the tailor part. Craft casual shirts to domestic 2. Then craft wrapped skirts to Nov tailor. Craft ribbed shirts to casual 3 and then make your 5 cloaks. All this is of course on practice.

    For the chef part you will need to make wrapped skirts til you hit Nov chef. Then you need about 100 dough and 100 carbosyrp and 2k fruits. Craft roughly 95 air cakes on practice. Whole crafting part takes 30 to 45 min if you already have the mats. You will need 4 food crafting tools and 7 clothing tools to cut out all down time.

    At this point go get your 4 fs master skills and unlock initiate. YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HANDS ON A LIGHTSABER NOW AND GRIND OUT 90K JEDI XP WHILE YOU CAN'T GO ON THE BOARDS. Trust me you will thank me for this later.

    With your spec still tkm/mswords pick up a 500+ power hammer and a 400+ 2h curved sword and a crate of pups. Keep your razor knuckler cause 1 mob in the spider cave is immune to kinetic and blast dmg. Pick up a mini suit of 80% kinetic grind comp or ubese.

    First kill is the spider. You just need normal buffs for this. Mobs in cave die fast to powerhammer and 2h area attack. 1 lady is immune to blast and kinetic but your razor knuckler makes short work of her. Tank and spank the spider. Should offer no difficulty powerhammer and normal grind buffs .

    For the graul you will need 6k jantas buffs. Use the 2h curved sword with power ups and tank and spank him with mind hit/head hit. Should take 5 min max, and with jantas you will out heal his bleed.

    The kimogila is tank and spank with your powerhammer. Just normal grind buffs needed but your jantas should still be up. The hardest part of this fight is the Rng disease he hits you with. Will take you down 1k health which really isn't a problem except for healing them. But if you specced right tkm will have it healed in 3 min.

    Jedi is tank and spank with powerhammer. Super ez mode.

    Now go meditate and you become a padawan. From this moment forward you can be on the boards. Remember the 90k jedi xp I told you to get. Immediately but Nov lightsaber, novice defender, novice healer and novice enhancer. This will give you a big leg up in pool. Drop all the fs skills except 4 melee accuracy. Depending on your build you will keep 2 to 4 of these with your jedi temp.

    Now you are a padawan and the rest is up to you.

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    is there an updated list on POIs I cant get the link to work ive been following one I found searching swgemu 45 pois

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    Can we get this removed as its outdated and misleading?

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