Are you an elder Jedi on Bloodfin NGE? This is our reward for your dedication to playing SWG / NGE here on Bloodfin.... The more you play the more you win!

Let's see, have you traveled to all parts of the Galaxy?

Skilled Explorer: 30 Exploration Badges
Must have badges:
Location: Rebel Hideout on Corellia
Location: Ruined Jedi Temple
Location: Abandoned Rebel Base
Location: Lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir
Location: Imperial Prison
Location: Marauder Base
Location: An Imperial Outpost
Location: Hidden Gungan Sacred Place
Location: A Rebel Outpost
Location: An Imperial Hyperdrive Facility
Location: Lost Village of Durbin
Location: Ben Kenobi's Old Home
Location: Krayt Dragon Graveyard
Location: Ancient Palace of the Woolamander
Location: Hidden Temple of Exar K'un

Do you have the Mark of the Hero?

Have you engaged in your faction's cause?

Rebel, Nym or Imperial Theme Park Completion

Do you have jedi like reflexes and skill?
1 Racing Badge

Have you seen action in the Galactic Civil War?
GCW Rank SGT or Above.

Have you completed at least one Heroic encounter?

If so. Email samhain in game...

In a week or two we will release the Jedi Council Robes...One spoiler...You must be an Ace Pilot to be considered for the NGE Jedi Council... More details coming.