GCW Crafting Grind Guide

You will need master artisan and to be either Imperial or Rebel to start.
Head to the Aldera Endor PVP zone and find the mission terminal on your faction's side. You can use the faction pilots in Theed or Cnet to port straight there. Radial the mission terminal and you will get a crate of daily resource rations; you get one crate of rations every 20 hours. Radial the resource ration crate in your inventory and select craft a repair tool. You get a small amount of GCW xp for every repair tool you make. Each crate of resource rations you get from the terminal will make 10 repair tools total, however you can get more resource ration crates by killing and looting the droids you repair on the battlefield with a combat character. You will also get resource ration crates at random as you repair the droids with your crafter. Ration crates drop with either 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 condition. 500 makes 5 tools, 1000 makes 10 tools, 1500 makes 15 tools etc.
Head out onto the battlefield and look for the blue hologram repair droids. The waypoints to the droids are listed below. Radial the repair droid to repair it. When you have enough points to train novice, go to the plaza area in Cnet to train. With each tier that you go up, you'll gain more xp per repair.

Repair Droids Waypoints:

waypoint -3153, 5202
waypoint -3186, 5103
waypoint -3305, 5183
waypoint -3369, 5181
waypoint -3393, 5265
waypoint -3273, 5264
waypoint -3335, 5378
waypoint -3406, 5432
waypoint -3261, 5432
waypoint -3157, 5314
waypoint -3332, 4970