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Bloodfin NGE Links for download

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    Bloodfin NGE Links for download

    The time has come folks! Here are your download links, please download all files then run the exe file as admin and dont forget when you launch your client as admin as well or your settings will not save! Account creation web link will follow in a few hours!

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/9o59gmwy3hdyjtx/login.cfg drag into your Bloodfin NGE folder

    Account Portal Link -- THIS WILL NOT GO LIVE UNTIL 8PM EST 12/13

    Link to ZIP FILE of NGE CLIENT

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    What I did, while the downloads were transmitting, was create my NGE account (Account Port Link). You are basically adding your login from here to the NGE database.
    What I did, after the four downloads were completed, was to run BloodfinNGE.Exe as administrator.
    Both the setup and launcher shortcuts were added to my desktop.
    I ran the setup, but not as administrator. It still worked.
    Then I started the launcher as administrator.

    Note I am not part of the staff. I do not have any inside information. There may be oversights or errors. However, that is what I did. It was not that difficult. Good Luck!

    For the ZIP file, that looked like one just decompresses the file where you want it to go. I have not used it, but it essentially looks like the files and directory structure of a SWG installation.
    Don't forget to find and run the game setup program, Bloodfin's copy of SwgClientSetup_r.Exe. I don't have the computer I installed this on in front of me, so I don't know/remember the exact names.

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