Patch 10/12/17 Bloodfin Halloween Event.

The 2017 Bloodfin Halloween Festivities have begun.

A ghostly pilot has shown up near the Coronet Star Port. The ancient sith home world, Moraband, is open for travel and he will take you there!

You will find yourself in a small encampment over looking the undead riddled Valley of the Sith. Clear them out and earn unique and seasonal loot and experience this seasonal adventure!

Here you will find a few different experiences brought together by Lombar, Khaoln, and Nexxus.

Content includes but is not limited to :
-Roaming enemies
-2 smaller temple encounters
-2 dungeon encounters
-1 world boss

Special content loot may include but is not limited to:
-Special Edition Halloween Tokens
-Event food
-event deco
-event wearables including undead armor sets
And more!

Gameplay patch notes.
-new exar robes have been introduced, they have replaced existing robes on the Exar vendor.
-Pvp Zone gcw tick has been removed
-Pvp Zone- killing an enemy player in Aldera now yields double xp gains.
-pilot added to cnet and moraband for transport to Halloween event

Thank you for choosing Bloodfin and Happy Halloween!
-Bloodfin Dev Team.