Patch Notes 6/29/2014

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Craftable Factional Armor now live and functional. Imperial Assault, Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper Armor along with Rebel Assault Armor ready to be crafted by your local armor smith. All schematics are available off the recruiters.

Not seen since 2011 and the end of Star Wars Galaxies, the first Holograms are once again in the game, along with 2 rare paintings last seen on test center in 2005. These items are available as loot drops from the Droideka Sentrys on the new Corvette Dungeon.

General Greivous , not seen since 2011 , is alive and well as the final boss on the bridge of the new Corvette Dungeon. Bring a strong group.

2 new land speeders have made thier way out of retirement, and both with the speed of a BARC speeder, the AB-1 coupe, and the V-35 Bus! Both of these majestic vehicles are available off the dead corpse of General Greivous.

This is part 1 of patch notes, part 2 will include FRS ranks 5 and above , clone trooper armor, and more juicy item additions! Enjoy!
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