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  1. Can we get a list of general knowledge regarding combat as a Jedi?
  2. My disturbances in the force...
  3. LS Experimentation/Assembly Tapes... are they even in the loot table?
  4. A short note about Jedi State Defense, Intimidate, and Channel Force.
  5. POI Badge info....for those interested
  6. My Vision of Pre-CU jedi Here.
  7. The path to Jedi...
  8. Crystal\Pearl Decay
  9. ? about the Bounty system
  10. Yet another Jedi balancing Idea
  11. Criticize my template
  12. Jedi SEA's?
  13. A Balancing Idea (Or collection of ideas) for Jedi
  14. A Balancing Idea (Or collection of ideas) for Jedi
  15. Saber Skills
  16. PvE sabers used in PvP
  17. Anyone else think this should be fixed?
  18. All you Master Defenders out there...
  19. Thoto Orifa for Jedi Senator 2015
  20. Can someone show me where hiding behind walls is listed in the Jedi proffession?
  21. Just a spit to say
  22. NGE Jedi in Pre-CU Setting eh?
  23. How to Play Jedi
  24. Idea to Stabilize Jedi
  25. For quick questions needing a quick response
  26. Refresher course in the saber pve/pvp confusion.
  27. Server Specific Jedi Rules
  28. NEW Jedi Senator
  29. Jedi Grind guide
  30. Jedi Skills Information
  31. Jedi Robes
  32. Force Shrines and a Reward market vendor idea
  33. Class Issues and Dicsussion Points
  34. If there's something you really want looked at a lot or to talk to me about...
  35. Can a GM log on to give a friend Jedi.
  36. Lightningcone1 bugged: excessive HAM cost
  37. Is it normal...?
  38. Could I get an unlock, please?
  39. So I've been looking through these forums...
  40. Gettin Pearls
  41. Force Armor
  42. New Jedi Senator
  43. New on the job
  44. Viable Ideas/changes
  45. Bounty Hunter Blind with eyeshot even after saber block
  46. Temperary: )
  47. good place to grind jedi xp
  48. Skyyyr's Jedi handbook
  49. Jedi Trials working?
  50. Whats goin on?
  51. Jedi Trainers
  52. BH's with Force run...
  53. Let me know your Jedi Current Issues.
  54. My Weekend- now with screenshots! ((May contain jedi **spoliers**)
  55. Padawan trials
  56. Saber Crafting
  57. Master Defender revision thoughts
  58. Force Shrine WPT list
  59. meditate is borked.
  60. Tape stacking
  61. Jedi Senator Nominations
  62. how to handle def capped BH'ers
  63. Frs
  64. New task for the new Senator
  65. Template Discussion
  66. Unlocking/Creating a Jedi!
  67. Lightsaber decay
  68. How to Become a Jedi: The Guide!
  69. Master Defender v Master Healer Testing
  70. A stupid question but ill ask anyway
  71. Master Power.....
  72. Bug report for Senator
  73. Froce Armor 2
  74. Being force to have a certain build and other skills not being viable in pvp
  75. Rick, upfate of all the nerfs?
  76. Nerf question
  77. Here's a trade for you, Rick
  78. Master Lightsaber this unknown....
  79. Heightened skills surveying for jedi saber resources
  80. "Here we go again, welcome to the wax museum"
  81. The Glaring but unspoken problem at the heart of the Bounty hunter and Jedi issue.
  82. Guide for Full template Healers and Defenders
  83. Shatterpoint cloak and cloak of hate question
  84. List of Shrine locations.
  85. Jedi Robe Vote1 Ends MONDAY Dec 1st 2014
  86. Pvp idea
  87. Help
  88. Jedi single mastery builds..
  89. I want to LOVE Master Enhancer...
  90. Saber crafting
  91. Combat Question
  92. Jedi vs Krayt
  93. Heightened Senses Air Cake grind experience
  94. netslayer for jedi senator
  95. 24 Force sensitive skill points
  96. why i love you the way i do?
  97. Force Speed 2 - Does it do anything?
  98. I need your input!
  99. What are some of the popular Jedi PVP Templates on Bloodfin?
  100. Guide to becoming Jedi.
  101. List of Force Shrines
  102. Jedi pvp
  103. 1H 2H Polearm
  104. pearl diffs?
  105. Jedi Robes
  106. I need your feedback please.
  107. Shatterpoint and cloak of hate robes
  108. Padawan Trials (Solo)
  109. Build Questions
  110. Holocrons
  111. Force Run Terrain Neg.
  112. Jedi current top issues
  113. Question what are hig jib items?
  114. Hybrid builds?
  115. Master Powers !!!!
  116. Transfer Force bugged??
  117. jedi changes in pub 6
  118. jedi powers
  119. Do you lose so if you die before you are padawan
  120. A bit of help
  121. Should drain force be in powers??
  122. Whats the Best Place to Farm Crystals/Pearls
  123. let me clarify some things up now.
  124. Can you slice a lightsaber?
  125. Lightning accuracy
  126. Life without padawan and knight robes?
  127. Force Armour?
  128. Gotta ask cause I can't find where I had it written down. Need help with a wp
  129. force lightning broken ?
  130. Today hot fix question
  131. Nightsister Intricate boots
  132. All crystals in both sabers have vanished
  133. Force Speed Question
  134. PVP Questions
  135. [Suggestion] Lack of Jedi robes
  136. What now?
  137. Jedi Padi Onwards Guide
  138. visibility question with NPC's
  139. Holocrons
  140. Lightsaber/Crystal decay
  141. Holocrons go BOOM!
  142. Long lines for trials
  143. Padiwan trials?
  144. Force Crafting Bonus ... broke ?
  145. named lightsaber crystals drop rates?
  146. Jedi crystal PSA *warning*
  147. Noob jedi questions
  148. FRS Question
  149. Lightsaber Tougness
  150. Noob jedi question 2 - getting ass kicked :X
  151. Force Armor working?
  152. Lightsaber Accuracy While Moving - Broken?
  153. Did the Work, but no Jedi...
  154. -Current Jedi Issues- (5/12/2015)
  155. From Padawan to Knight
  156. The jedi shrine (tipís and tricks)
  157. I need a litle advice
  158. Pearl Drop Rate
  159. Since PRE-CU is out the window...
  160. Jedi Macros
  161. Ranged BH: Target Too Far Away Bug
  162. crafting kits
  163. Is defender worth it?
  164. From padawan to knight
  165. Current State of Jedi PVP and FRS system
  166. 5th gens
  167. Powers Change
  168. Color Crystals
  169. Becoming a Jedi Knight
  170. Jedi in PVP
  171. Toughest Bounty Hunters?
  172. making the best possible saber
  173. 5th gen ls resources
  174. How formidable are jedi?
  175. Using the training LS
  176. Frs
  177. Full template jedi small guide
  178. Totallt Confused about unlock or am I bugged????????
  179. Can a DEV please respond? I think I am bugged! Can NOT train in Reflexes or Crafting.
  180. Is Master Defense broken?
  181. Jedi Range Blocking
  182. jedi knight
  183. Broken Powers
  184. Template question
  185. Broken Character or Holocrons?
  186. Exar Kun
  187. What to do with 2nd and 3rd Jedi?
  188. Jedi questions
  189. glowing jedi
  190. Jedi initiate Problem...help
  191. Padawn Robes back in game
  192. Crafting a 5th generation sabre
  193. Becoming a Jedi
  194. holocron question
  195. force sensitive xp questions
  196. Killing A BH
  197. win over bh
  198. Droid pets and Visibility
  199. jedi skill question
  200. Powers Jedi
  201. Force Run and Force power moves
  202. jedi initiate
  203. Training saber warning
  204. Air Cake (Heightened Senses Grind) Question
  205. Couple of noob questions from an RP'er
  206. Bloodfin exclusive content = Visibility?
  207. "Glowy Jedi Sate"
  208. Should Jedi have a new Death Penalty?
  209. grauler info needed
  210. some advice (new padawan)
  211. How to become Jedi Knight?
  212. Robes and Cloaks
  213. Jedi pvp help
  214. several questions about gear
  215. My jedi now has....nothing...
  216. Stat Migration Help
  217. Color crystals
  218. Using the Training Saber???
  219. Can I get some help
  220. Force Armor 2
  221. Jedi Templates
  222. 5th gen LS..
  223. Need some help please...
  224. 5th gen resource question...
  225. Original Jedi system and suggestions
  226. FRS explanation please
  227. Padawan Trials Soloable?
  228. lightsaber speed
  229. A general guide about what to do after the trials
  230. Force cloak
  231. Where to go from here?
  232. Exar kun
  233. Meele defence?
  234. Broken defences
  235. Ideas to make powers a viable alt to LS tree
  236. Protection Percentages per Damage Type for Jedi Master Defender (MDEF)
  237. How does robe protection work or does it work?
  238. FRS inclusion.
  239. Pvp pearls
  240. SB duralloy spawn
  241. Jedi CA???
  242. Polysteel copper
  243. Just wow
  244. 5th gen saber
  245. Becoming FS for Crafting
  246. Jedi pub7
  247. Craft Mastery
  248. yavin poi unlocks
  249. jedi trainers
  250. Returning Jedi